Three calls at once

Sep 1, 2021 | Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

Two bat calls yesterday afternoon, one from a veterinary practice and another from another finder in Wincanton. Whilst on the phone, I could hear someone else trying to call through, but was so preoccupied with bat calls in hand: then dinner, flight training, etc that I completely forgot to check for messages afterward.

Am sorry to say that I found yesterday’s message re: a bat on a wall in West Dorset; needing to be rescued. Apparently, the finder initially placed the bat in a box, then last night, not knowing what else to do; placed it back on the wall. An hour later it was still there, so she kindly put it back into the box, with a soft cloth, plus a small milk-top cap of water, for the night.  Poor thing has been in the box for over 24hrs.

Thankfully this bat is a little closer to home and the finder is going to drop the bat off when she’s finished work. Fingers crossed that it is okay and still with us.

Update: I’ve just received another bat call this time from a lady who said she lives nr. Gillingham. This bat is also now on its way over.

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