May 28, 2023 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

I feel I should perhaps explain why my artwork has gradually come to a grinding halt.  As mentioned in my Bio, I cared for my parents for 10yrs and eventually got back into the swing of things.  It was great to be back in my studio.  Sadly though, since 2018 my husband’s health has slowly deteriorated.

After numerous hospital appointments and operations, my poor fella is ‘between a rock and a hard place’. it’s not good news.  Hence my days are filled with all the normal household stuff plus, in this warmer weather, mowing/digging veg. plots, sowing seeds, repotting plants, and the heavier work around the house.  Am now in need of a new back and two arms. 😀 but should be super fit by the end of summer.

I am still accepting orders and I am also still rescuing bats.  Along with all wildlife, our little furry flying friends have been struggling with the extreme weather conditions; lack of food and dehydration. Finding the time for my voluntary bat work and caring for our precious wildlife is extra work, but it is also a distraction for me.  Throughout my life, wildlife, nature and our natural world have always been a form of solace.

And this is a perfect example: We have a moorhen nesting in our garden. 😀 This is a first for us and also explains why the male has been hanging around with us each day. Hidden behind the flag iris is a nest containing four white, speckled eggs. 🙂 The male doesn’t visit the pond often as the female seems to ward him off but he uses the bird bath frequently and drinks and bathes throughout the day.

Thank you all for your interest and support, and wishing you all a lovely summer.

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