Cheers to Brian

May 22, 2023 | Family, Wildlife

Am going to drink a toast to Brian and his flight tonight. A year ago, the first successful test flights…. 🦇 🥰🦇

Berry and L’il Jonesy were successfully released 4-5 weeks later. Their stay with me was prolonged somewhat as part way through their flight training, we experienced an extended period of extreme heat. By that time, the bats were in the flight 24/7 but as the temp. rose I brought them back indoors. With the flight temp. above 33C, and humidity at a low, they stayed in their large flex, in the cottage, until it was safe for them to return to their flight.

It prolonged their progress for a while, but they were both a good weight, both flying strong, and it was an absolute joy to see them circle above the finder’s garden and then fly off together in the same direction.


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