As a child, Su watched in fascination the animals, insects and birds around her. She adored wildlife and also thoroughly enjoyed drawing. Throughout the following years, her love of art and her concern for her fellow creatures has been unceasing.

Wherever Su has travelled she has never been far from four-legged or feathered friends. From an early age, she would rescue and care for stray, sick or injured wildlife: animals, birds and reptiles. The study of wildlife behaviour and caring for animals in order for them to be reintroduced back into the wild, has given her much pleasure. Su’s wish, is that in some small way she has been able to reciprocate.

In 1974, at the age of nineteen, Su noticed a small advertisement in a Nature magazine. The advertisement contained information regarding the whaling industry and was warning that through excessive hunting, certain species of whales were on the verge of extinction. Horrified with the senseless and brutal manner in which these intelligent gentle giants of the oceans were being killed, Su contacted the newly formed group called ‘Greenpeace’ and so began her journey into conservation.

In 1977, Friends of the Earth opened an office in Dorset. Having studied Secretarial and Business Studies at college, Su offered her services and worked for the group on a voluntary basis, spending much of her free time with them. She became Wildlife Coordinator and her duties included: research, writing articles for the press and local magazines and helping to organise meetings, events and rallies. Becoming increasingly concerned about the environment and animal welfare, Su learned a great deal as she typed letters and reports covering a wide variety of subjects including: factory farming, intensive agricultural practices, recycling, nuclear power and climate change.

Shortly after reading ‘The Last Great Wild Beast’ Show, written by Bill Jordan, an RSPCA Chief Wildlife Officer and Veterinary Surgeon, Su also became actively involved in the protest against the use of ‘wildlife in entertainment’ and ‘traditional’ zoos.

With many like-minded people, Su still believes that such places provide little or no educational value, displaying only examples of extreme stress and suffering. Totally dedicated to the welfare and preservation of all forms of wildlife – Su continues to work for and support many wildlife conservation and environmental groups.

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