Mixed media: pastel, charcoal portrait of white horse.
If you would like a unique, commissioned portrait of your pet mouse, goldfish, dog, rabbit, cat, horse, goat, favourite wild animal, bird, tree or invertebrate; any ‘little critter’, please contact me as I would be happy to help.

When painting a Pet Portrait, I require clear accurate photographs to work from. The more photos the merrier, the larger and more detailed the photos, the better! boxer1aIt is important you are happy with the accuracy of your photographs so please contact me if you are unsure as to their quality or suitability. Should your photographs prove to be unsuitable I am willing to photograph your pet on your behalf.

If your pet has passed away I am willing to look at the photographs available. A few years ago I was asked if I could paint a portrait of a dog from one passport-sized photograph. The dog had sadly died and this was the only image available. I am pleased to say that the owner was delighted with the finished artwork.

Please be assured that any images provided will be protected and well cared for. Your photographs will be returned with the completed portrait, in the same condition as they were received.

A Guide to the Pet Portrait Process

Once your requirements have been discussed and the commission has been accepted, I can begin your portrait. I first sketch the subject in pencil. I then photograph the artwork and email you with an attached digital image. With the design and composition established, the portrait is then painted in either pastels, pencils or oils. The timescale for completion is dependent on the medium, the size of portrait, number of subjects and the background detail. Realism and attention to detail are of paramount importance. In order to capture the pattern of feathers on a birds wing or the detail and expression in a dogs face involves much time observing and sketching – an artwork may take many weeks to complete.

When your portrait is completed, I then photograph your artwork again and email you with an attached, low resolution, digital image of the finished threewolves180portrait. Should you wish me to make any minor alterations to the artwork, this is the time to make your requests known. It is very important to me that you are totally happy with the finished painting.

As there is often a waiting list, it may be a while before I can start your commission. If this is the case, please contact me and I will be able to advise as to how long before I am able to start. If your portrait is for a special occasion I may be able to help.

A pet is a very special friend and a good companion. Throughout the years to come, a portrait of your companion is a special reminder and a celebration of your relationship together. A painting or drawing is a treasure for always.

I hope that the above information is of help and look forward to hearing from you. For further information regarding pet photography: the size of portrait required, the medium, mounting/framing your portrait, terms & conditions, please visit my Pet Photography page by clicking this link.

Pastel portrait of Jack Russell Terriers.
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