1st Pup of 2021

Good timing, as an hour after receiving my new milk powder, I received my first pup call of the year. Will attempt to reunite pup with mum tonight but in the meantime, great to be able to feed him throughout the day,  as well as keep him warm until tonight.  Just hope...

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Airing cupboard

The one that got away. Another bat rescue call. The bat fell from a towel that was removed from an airing cupboard. By the time it came to drop the little bat over to me - the pesky little critter had escaped. If you are concerned about a bat's well being then find a...

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Weather watching

I wasn't sure how things were going to pan out with my very lucky 'almost drowned' bat.  She'd started to accept food which was great, but she was quiet and inactive... which was of concern. I needed to get her into a larger pen, but as my small mosquito tent (that...

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Cat attacked

Another bat on its way.. Cat attacked. It's right wing doesn't sound good. The finder is travelling north from Templecombe and is kindly prepared to take a detour enroute. Fingers crossed the bat can be mended. Update: Bat delivered to me. Third cat attacked bat I've...

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Tea bag Bat

Getting ready for work and received two calls within 10 minutes of each other re: bats needing to be rescued. The first message, am still waiting to hear back from the finder. The second call was from someone that had found a bat in a washing up bowl in their kitchen...

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Pipistrelle Rescue

Another bat rescue call tonight. Another Pipistrelle bat that has been cat attacked and this time was found under the dining room table. Update:The poor Pipistrelle bat's injuries were so bad: exposed and broken bones, torn wing, wing membrane missing.... that he was...

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Zebra Fine Art Print

Zebra Fine Art Print

A month ago I received an order for an 'Amy' Orangutan fine art print. Today my 'Cape Mountain Zebra' is on his way to join Amy in their new home together. Thank you Ann. Update: Just received this lovely message. Hi , just received print of zebra. Just wanted to let...

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Tollard Tattler – June 14th

OUR NEXT BAT INSTALMENT FROM SU SHIMELD I received a request to send further photos and info. re my Brown long-eared bat's progress.  He isn't a Tollard bat, though we do have Brown long-eared bats here.  Just to catch up, and as mentioned previously:  I met up with...

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Another rescue call this a.m

Sunday morning and have just cleaned and packed all my bat gear away. Message on my phone, re: another rescue.... doesn't sound good as two cats also live in the house. The Pipistrelle bat was found on the floor in the hallway. Am busy unpacking all the gear again,but...

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BLE – Orchy release

BLE – Orchy release

Last night my 2nd (this month) little rescued Brown Long-eared bat, called Orchard, went home, and as we travelled across the Dorset countryside we were treated to a dusty red sunset, with a thin crescent moon hanging lazily in the sky.  I find it easier to remember...

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