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It’s been a long while since I posted anything arty ~ so thought I’d do a quick catch up; explain why, and say Hi. Life for everyone has been turned upside-down and inside-out and I hope you are all well and hanging-on in there during these uncertain times. Back...


A knock on the door on a Saturday night. Apparently, early that a.m an estate worker, with an interest in bats, had been called re: a bat that had been found tucked behind a tin of gravy powder in the local golf club kitchen.  Presumably the bat had inadvertently...

Whiskered Bat

A call from the vet re: a bat found during early evening, in the middle of the road on a housing estate in Blandford Forum.  Thankfully a kind soul had collected and delivered the bat to the local surgery. Having just returned home after moving more furniture from the...
Trying to find Mum

Trying to find Mum

Attempted to reunite this Pipistrelle pup with his mum last night. Even though a couple of bats flew-in close to the pup and showed interest…unfortunately there were no takers, so we all came home again and I will try again tonight.  Fingers crossed.  Meanwhile,...
Onwards and Upwards

Onwards and Upwards

Our lovely white pigeons left for their new home today.  Not only were they our pets for four years, it was also a new venture that unfortunately never got off the ground due to family health issues.  It was heartbreaking having to part with them – but we have...
Waiting for Mum

Waiting for Mum

A quick catch-up to say that for the last two nights we have visited the house where our rescued baby bat was found.  On both evenings our pup sat patiently on her heat-mat waiting for  mum to come and collect her.  On both occasions, a Pipistrelle bat flew-in close...

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