Good news and sad news

Unfortunately, the bat found on a building site had a fractured fourth finger and a damaged wrist and sadly had to be pts.  I fear that she was hurt, unknowingly, by someone moving concrete blocks.  At least she was warm, fed, and pain-free during the time she spent...

St. Nicholas

‘By night we linger’d on the lawn’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson. By night we linger’d on the lawn, For underfoot the herb was dry; And genial warmth; and o’er the sky The silvery haze of summer drawn; And bats went round in fragrant skies, And wheel’d or lit the filmy...

Sunshine and mealworms

Our sunny day has included a drive through lovely countryside to have our flu jabs (makes it all worthwhile), followed by a stroll along a newly discovered by-way with our furry friend Freya. Back at home, I settled my newly-arrived mealworms in. We, bat carers, have...
Niko on the mend

Niko on the mend

I am pleased to say my new little Pip, now named Niko, finally accepted a drink last night and later on ate solids. This morning he is still with us and has eaten a good breakfast. He is a gentle little soul. He has had a couple of liquid meals today and has just...

St. Nicholas

Another arrival today. A juvenile male Pipistrelle. He was discovered on the floor in St. Nicholas’s church yesterday and was picked up and placed on top of the font in the hope that he might fly away during the night. This morning, he was found on the floor...
Bat Conservation Trust Calendar

Bat Conservation Trust Calendar

In September mating season begins. Males of most species use special calls to attract females, which can include purrs, clicks, and buzzing. Bats also concentrate on building up fat stores for the coming months In October, more mating is taking place, and building up...

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