Bat Walk

May 18, 2023 | Family, Wildlife

I attended a group bat walk last p.m without my lovely fella. We’ve always done batty stuff together, so it felt very strange leaving him at home. An interesting p.m though, with lovely scenery, and nice folk, and we recorded 7 different bat species.

Driving home, I was also delighted to see a live hedgehog toodling along: my first for a very long time; plus a couple of hares. Sadly though, I later discovered 3 dead leverets lying in a row across the country lane! I stopped to move them onto the grassy verge thinking they’d been run over, but to my surprise discovered they were intact and very warm. I realised I must have disturbed a predator carrying her/his meal across the country lane. As I returned to my car I heard a hissing sound and rustling in the undergrowth nearby… ooerrr….I was being 👀 and someone thought I was after their meal. 😀 An interesting evening for sure. 🦇🐰🦉🦔🦌🦇

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