Cat attacked bat. Fracture forearm, torn wing membrane extending from exposed bone on fifth finger to hip joint. Injured Pip that would never be able to fly again. Now at peace.

This is an unpleasant injury to witness, and in sustaining these injuries the poor bat has suffered greatly before being left on the owners sitting room carpet. As horrid as this is, most bat carers have had to deal with far worse.  If you own a cats, please keep your cats as indoor pets.  If this is truly unattainable, then at least bring your cats in an hour before sunset and release an hour after sunset. This at least gives our furry flying friends a couple of hours in which to leave their roosts in safety, have a drink of water at a pond and feed a little before your cats emerge again.

Many bat pups are left orphaned because cats have killed or left their mothers grounded and unable to return to feed and care for their little ones.  Bat carers are inundated each year with orphaned pups and injured cat attacked bats.

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