May – August has just flown…and sadly not all of my rescue bats were able to fly again and apologies for missing so many Journal updates.

On a happier note though, am pleased to say that this little Brown Long eared bat did fly again.

Massi’s First Flight

My phone has been ringing thoughout the summer months and I’ve had a continual flow of bats orphaned, injured, or starving arriving on my doorstep since my first rescue bat received in April.

As mentioned on other pages, the weather has impacted our bats. When they were emerging from hibernation and looking to feed up on insects the nights were icy cold and there were zero insects about.  Bats that were already extremely hungry after not eating during the winter months were forced to venture out and were being grounded due to hunger and cold.  This also meant that many bats were easy prey for cat attacks.

My first injured Brown Long-eared bat of the year was Bucksy, he arrived in May.  He became well-known as his story and photo was published in the Tollard Tattler a local magazine.

The good news is that many of my bats have been successfully cared for and released and this video is of Massi, another Brown Long-eared bat that came to stay with me in August.  Massi was extremely underweight and had been seen sat on a wall, during a cold snap, for over 24hrs. If he had not been rescued that night, he would not have survived.  Since arriving I have slowly been building him up and he has slowly but surely gained strength.  I invested in a Puppy Playpen and a mesh tent a couple of months ago, and it was a delight to see him fly for the first time in my soft Puppy Playpen. The pen is a  small area in which he could practice flying without harming himself.

Bizarrely, whilst typing this update the phone has just rung again – this time a Somerset vet requesting help with a small bat that has just been handed in to her Surgery…so must dash. Another bat is in need of help.



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