Our bats need all the help they can get, along with all our wildlife.

Bats are beautiful and enigmatic animals and our only true flying mammal.  There are over 1,400 species of bats in the world and more are still being discovered.  In the UK, bats account for more than a quarter of our mammal species and until recently there were 18 species of bats here in the UK, but sadly one species has recently become extinct.

British bats eat insects and nothing else, and as some insects such as gnats and midges can be quite irritating on a warm summer’s evening – our lives would be miserable without our bats. Some insects also cause damage to valuable crops and flowers, this makes our bats valuable friends and allies to many farmers and gardeners.  As with many wildlife species, bat populations of all our commoner bats have decreased greatly over the last 60 years and some bat species are now seriously endangered.

I’ve been interested in bats since the 1980’s and have been caring for injured and orphaned bats since 2005-6’ish.

In order to help rescue bats a certain amount of equipment is required and again, this year, I’ve needed to purchase a number of extra items.  Am so glad I did though, as this year, there have been more bats than ever needing help.  All wildlife is being hammered by extreme weather conditions and lack of insects.

Each year, there are more and more bats being brought into rescue by the general public and it is becoming more and more obvious that our bats are struggling to cope with the rapid changes and havoc that we are causing worldwide.  For this reason alone, thank you so much for your interest in my bat rescue work and if you feel you can help in any way, please click on my Batty link below.

Padded Puppy Playpen – photo above
(for safe 1st flight either indoors or outside)
Mesh tent (for 2nd stage flying safely outdoors) £29.95
Fourfold Net Frame and Net £41.52
Exo Terra Standard Faunarium £12.69
Riogoo Digital Heatmat Themostat £19.99
Digital Thermostat Heatmat Controller £17.95
Habistat Heatmat 7 watt £15.87
Daler Rowney Synthetic Paintbrushes (for feeding) £9.00
Eco Terra feeding dishes £4.99
High Density Pure White Cotton Gloves £4.29
Pro Rep Plastic Feeding Tongs £2.99
Head Torch batteries £6.53
Strong Mini Clips £5.65
Plastic Aquariium for mealworms £6.95
Loxicom – Alleviation of pain – Vet Prescription £17.00
Sunolux/Noraclav – Anti biotics – Vet Prescription £32.48
Mealworms (5 boxes) @ £5.20 each £26.00
Milk Powder for Pups (baby bats) £16.95
Oralade £7.99
To collect and release bats Most collections/releases are a 40+ml round journey.
Total £305.78


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