Peacock Coasters

Peacock Coasters

Just a little note to say thank you for your continued support.  Over the past week I have received two orders for ‘Peacock’ Coaster Gift Sets plus a ‘Gentle Giant’ African Elephant Greetings Card.  The other good news is that my knee is slowly...
Mrs Peacock & Chicks

Mrs Peacock & Chicks

Mrs Peacock and her chicks. This was the view from my studio window on June 18th last year. What a difference a year makes. Sadly, I have no idea whether there are any chicks at the Larmer Tree Gardens this year as, for the past month, the lodge has been covered in...

Misbehaving Meniscus

Can’t believe it… but then again I can, as it has really hurt for many weeks now. I thought it would go of its own accord and have been popping paracetamol but to no avail. Finally phoned the Dr. yesterday: a thirty minute wait to get through, but it was...
Amy Orangutan Card

Amy Orangutan Card

Orders are still trickling in and thank you to all. Today, a request for my ‘Amy’ Orangutan greetings card. I portrayed Amy, my lovely orangutan friend, 24yrs ago, after meeting her at Monkey World.  Amy was rescued from the pet trade in 1987 and was the...

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