Bathala Bat Flight

May 2, 2022 | Diary, Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

A friendly little Daubenton's bat having a drink

Bathala is known as the grand conserver of the universe, the caretaker of things from whom all providence comes, hence the lovely word ‘bahala’ meaning ‘to care’. 

In 2011, I cared for and raised 5 orphaned pups, and luckily we were able to track down and renovate a small, old bat flight, thanks to Ben. 😉   Sadly that flight eventually rotted, and we’ve since been using a room, a bat gym, with added mesh extension. This has sufficed, but unfortunately hasn’t been suitable for pups needing to learn how to catch insects on the wing and it too is also now falling to bits.

With many rescue pups and bats now arriving each year, we need a bat flight asap ……and for the past week have been on a: wood, plastic mesh, laths, joists, and roofing mission for a 10′ x 6′ x 7.5′ flight.

With remaining funds received from last year’s donations: (huge thanks to Bridget, Katie, Julie, and Tim)……we started building a new bat flight yesterday, and today we have the beginnings of a floor.

I realise finances are scarce for us all, but if you can help: every £1 donated will go toward building the flight; helping future rescues, and will be truly appreciated. Once completed we will be able to share the flight with fellow bat carers also with rescues needing outdoor space for flight practice. This is a link to my secure bat donations page: … and thanks ever so for reading my batty news and for your time.

Photo: Rescued Daubenton’s bat having a drink
Photo: Bat flight base, in front of the old mesh extension.
Photo: Just a few of my rescues: poorly bats and orphaned pups housed in our dining room
Photo: Rescued Brown long-eared bat saying ‘Thank You’ ….in anticipation

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