Two rescue calls received yesterday both approximately 40mls away.

Each day is filled with bat expenses, bat stuff, no spare time and many conversations re: little ones being reported to me similar to this: “It was close to the ground on a low wall, I couldn’t leave it there. I was worried cats might get it or something, also it was cold last night. I rang the Bat People and it’s in a box and safe, but its been in the box for 24hrs now, and I can’t find anyone to help”.  This is so heartbreaking to hear, and also so heartwarming to know that certain people care enough to go the extra mile for an animal in distress. In fact, in this instance the finder literally offered to drive the bat to me, even though he lived many miles away.

This situation also makes me feel bad though…because if I can rescue the bat, it’s more bat time and no time for my artwork business, and then, as in this instance, a long drive to return the bat to release it, should it survive.  All of which I don’t mind doing….and will continue to do, as long am able…..but I think what grates the most is the fact that this mess is totally of mankind’s making; the ‘destruction’ of our natural environment is all brought on by humans – and our wildlife is struggling to adapt.  When Brian and I were locking up last night after me doing my batty stuff and test flying my rescues: we both agreed the temperature is now dropping at night and again last night there were no insects about. It’s August, but we didn’t see one moth.

On a positive note, last week I needed another flexarium for another rescue…and with thre remains of an old mesh flex. from when I first started bat caring in 2005’ish, and some plastic tubing from his work, Brian spent his day making a perfect home for the most recent rescue bat. It’s brilliant, works a treat, and he’s a treasure.

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