Watch her Go!

Oct 11, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

Photo of Bryony on arrival.  She was seen during the daytime sitting on a wall and was still sitting there the following afternoon. She was delivered to me covered in mites, stiff as a board, and weighing 2.66g. She should have been at least 4.50g. She slowly responded to care: eventually drank and ate okay; bodily functions were fine, but she was traumatised, and would just sit hunched up.

Early one p.m I took her into the flight as I thought the smell of fresh air might help stimulate her, I couldn’t have been more wrong lol! We just sat on the bat flight floor with her desperately trying to hide. We continued to do this each night, but I didn’t want to give up on her as she had no apparent injuries.

About a week later, to my amazement she attempted to fly – it was only a frog hop – but she’d tried, bless her… and then froze again completely.

For a couple more weeks we continued like this each night, just short periods, working together, and every time I was thinking this isn’t going to work, she would suddenly do something to surprise me…She took off from the ground and landed about 6inches high on the flight wall ….but then froze again. So as usual, I just called it a night and we would try again the following night.

With encouragement she has continued with these attempts; she’s grounded a lot, but then suddenly started to gain a little height; then started to sustain flight, and then fly high.  And she is still flying high!

Just look at my little girl go! She hasn’t grounded now for 5 days and has seemingly enjoyed every minute of her newfound freedom.  Teamwork, and am so proud of her.


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