Massi – Brown long-eared bat

Aug 31, 2021 | Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

My first injured brown long-eared bat of the year was Bucksy; he arrived in May. He became a well-known little bat and did a great PR job as his story and photo were published in our local Tollard Tattler magazine.

Sadly, I have been unable to help some of the bats received as their injuries have been beyond repair.  I am pleased to say though, that many of my bats have also been successfully cared for and released.

The attached photo and video are of Massi, another brown long-eared bat that came to stay with me in August. 

Massi was extremely underweight and had been spotted sitting on a wall for over 24hrs during freezing weather.  Had he not been rescued that night, I doubt he would have survived another 24 hours. A big thankyou to Massi, his finder, for bringing him to me.   

From Massi bat’s arrival, it was apparent that he was in a poor state; he was half the weight he should have been and was unresponsive.  When he finally started to accept a warm drink, I fed him a little and often, first rejuvenating fluids, then bat milk, and eventually solids, slowly building him up, and slowly but surely he gained weight and strength.  He was a dear little soul. 

A couple of months ago, I invested in a Puppy Playpen; the pen is a small area where my bats can practice flying without harming themselves.  It was ideal for Massi as he needed to relearn how to use his wings.

Massi’s First Flight

It was a delight to see him flying for the first time since his arrival, albeit flying a little awkwardly.  Massi gained more and more strength with each flight practice and was soon flying expertly in our bat flight. Massi is now flying free!


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