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May 27, 2016 | Diary, Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

Omg… I have been invited on a tv prog. 🙂 lol!!

Nice to have been asked but I need to give it serious thought.

Close friends are saying such kind things, such as ‘You go, girl, it’s about time the world saw the amazing Su Shimeld Kevern’ 😊 and  ‘That it could be good for your business’  xx I need to look into it though.

Update: Apparently the company were looking for a Creative that lived nr. Salisbury and found me via my website… which can’t be bad! They phoned and emailed asking if I’d be interested but I have decided to give it a miss…. and I’m not give my buddies a giggle after all. 😉    After rummaging around online I discovered it wasn’t exactly as first described to me and declined their offer. The makers of Grand Designs, The Apprentice etc are behind a prog. called House Dr. I’ve never seen it but apparently, it has been revamped and if by participating I’d been able to promote my artwork and business in any way, shape or form – I would have done so – but that wasn’t going to happen… and I didn’t feel it wasn’t worth the effort. It’s been an interesting little journey though, and an insight into the world of tv. 🙂

Thanks, Maggie, Chrissie, Rahul, Pete, Anne and Andrew for your enthusiastic, funny and encouraging words… really appreciated 🙂 

As dear Anne said:
Never mind save it for the big one!

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