Sydney Bat is now snoozing

Jan 24, 2023 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

Sydney bat is still living with us. As mentioned previously, thankfully she wasn’t cat attacked but she was slightly underweight for this time of year. She gradually gained weight but refused point-blank to self-feed. This continued for weeks, and by the time she’d learned how to self-feed, (the photo is of her finally self-feeding on Dec. 29th) ….any chance of release had now fizzled as weather conditions had deteriorated. Rainy nights gave way to freezing temperatures and there was no way she could be released in such conditions.

When releasing a healthy bat the temperature needs to be at least 11C and you need to be sure that the weather will be stable for at least another two to three nights in order to for the bat to have the best chance of survival.  It needs to warm enough for insects to be flying as the bat needs to be able to feed. They also need to find a safe, protected roost site so they can hibernate during any cold and frosty nights.

Am pleased to say that Little Sydney is now hibernating in her flex in an unheated room.  I place fresh food and water with her each night in case she wakes and wishes to eat.

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