Sydney Bat is now snoozing

Jan 24, 2023 | Diary, Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

Sydney bat is still with me. As mentioned, thankfully she wasn’t cat attacked, but she was underweight and refused point blank to self-feed for weeks. As she slowly gained weight and learned how to self-feed, (the photo is of her finally self-feeding on Dec. 29th) ….any chance of release had fizzled as the weather continued to deteriorate; the rainy nights gave way to freezing temperatures.

To release a healthy bat the temperature needs to be at least 11C and the weather needs to be good for at least two to three nights in a row, in order to give them the best chance possible to feed; should there be any moths around; and to give them the chance to find a safe, protected roost for hibernating during future frosty winter nights.

Am pleased to say that Little Sydney is now hibernating in her flex, in an unheated room.  I place fresh food and water in with her each night in case she wakes and wishes to eat.

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