Ralph or Lauren

Apr 20, 2023 | Family, Larmer Studio, Wildlife

Today’s bat was either a Ralph or a Lauren. Transpires we have a Ralph…another BLE. He was seen pitched on a wall behind a lit water feature last night and was still there this morning. If he had dropped he would’ve fallen a metre into the water and been unable to get out. The finder said he squeaked nonstop on the journey to me. I thought this unusual and it transpired that his wing had been trapped in the lid of the box. He is underweight and his wing is not quite right but thankfully not broken. He is on pain relief, and with encouragement has started accepting fluid and a little food. Hopefully, he will recover. The photo is of Ralph sleeping after his dinner.

Ralph, is doing well and has now flown for the first time in the puppy playpen. It has been especially busy as I also have hourly feeds with our new arrival, a little Pickle.

Update:In between the rainy nights and cold temperatures, Raph has gained good weight and has had plenty of flying practise in the bat flight. Ralph was successfully released tonight May 12th. .

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