St. Nicholas Church

Oct 6, 2021 | Diary, Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

Another arrival today. A juvenile male Pipistrelle. He was discovered on the floor in St. Nicholas’s church yesterday and was picked up and placed on top of the font in the hope that he might fly away during the night. This morning, he was found on the floor again. He weighs only 3.6g and should be much heavier at this time of year: all bats are now feeding up in preparation for the cold winter months. I am hoping that when he is released, he will weigh at least 5.6g. Unfortunately, at present, he is not interested in food or drink but thankfully doesn’t appear to have any injuries. I will continue persevering with the rejuvenating fluid.

On a more positive note, we had a good night in the bat flight with two of our Pipistrelles flying stronger and for longer. Unfortunately, Bella is still not right; she can fly, albeit briefly, but I wonder if she has a problem with her echolocating abilities as she keeps bumping into things and not managing to hang on to certain surfaces.



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