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Sep 30, 2020 | Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

It’s been a long while since I posted anything arty ~ so thought I’d do a quick catch up; explain why, and say Hi.

Life for everyone has been turned upside-down and inside-out and I hope you are all well and hanging-on in there during these uncertain times.

Back in January, Brian had the first of three major ops. The 2nd was due in April: but as Covid kicked in, all hospitals were out of bounds, and unbeknownst to us Brian’s first op. had failed.  In May, I also managed to tear a cartilage in my knee but other than that, all seemed fine. As lock down progressed, I began to realise Brian’s health was deteriorating, so I started chasing consultants on his behalf and generally making a nuisance of myself. Persistence paid off.  Brian was finally seen and am pleased to say has since had another two ops. The last one, in September, and fingers crossed we are now back on track.

Meanwhile, in July, and in-between Drs and Hosp. appts. I  also learned that my Larmer Tree Studio had fallen victim to the virus.  The estate needed my studio premises, and kindly offered me a choice of alternative studio spaces.  Long term, I envisage having a larger, more permanent, Nature In Art Studio, but that can wait. Neither of us felt we should make any rush decisions, especially with Brian’s second op. imminent, so we focused on moving and organising safe storage elsewhere. As luck would have it, thankfully, years ago, we built a small, light, airy studio in our garden. It has gorgeous views, a lovely vibe, and we knew immediately that this could be my new base from which to work from…. and this is now my lovely new ‘Nature In Art ~ Larmer Studio’.

So throughout July – September, it was full on for the pair of us, hence no new artwork updates.  We were busy moving sheds, fixtures and fittings, and many years worth of studio equipment, art and gallery items.  In between packing boxes and dismantling shelves etc I also painted and waterproofed our old pigeon loft a pretty shade of green (intended as more storage space)…. but as adult and baby bats were arriving in need of  rescue, this was soon converted into my new bat hosp/bat gym. Meanwhile Brian also rebuilt my old Larmer Shed in our garden at home, and relined and heated another, so that I now have a warm, dry place for all my arty bits and stock. Throughout the summer I also continued to receive orders from here in the UK and from the USA. This was so reassuring, and am pleased to say my website and business has been up and running throughout, and thank you to all for your orders.

So here we are.  I feel extremely lucky and happy to be writing to you from such lovely surroundings, with Brian by my side, and with him in much better health than when the pandemic started.  My knee took a hammering with all the moving but is steadily improving and I look forward to sharing new artworks and photos of my new surroundings with you very soon.

In the meantime, look after yourselves, take care, stay safe,

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