Milky Chops

Sep 12, 2021 | Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

When pups arrive they are fed rejuvenating fluids and if all is well, they then have bat milk formula every few hours. Over the weeks, as they progress, I gradually drop the feeds to four times a day, then two, and eventually, one evening meal suffices, with milk still being offered and enjoyed by most of them.

The attached photo is of ‘Milky chops’, a Natterer’s bat, just after he was fed.  As soon as my bats have finished their meal, I clean them up with a damp, soft artist’s brush, but couldn’t believe how messy our little Natty was after each meal – hence the photo…lol!  He really enjoyed his milk meals and would slowly fall asleep in my hand after eating. In the wild, a mum will continue to feed her pup milk until the pup is weaned.

My little Natterer’s bat was found and rescued by a kind nurse at Salisbury Hospital. He was found in a hospital corridor: he was underweight and couldn’t sustain flight, but was soon eating well and slowly gained strength. Thank you Claire for rescuing him.


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