Misbehaving Meniscus

Jun 12, 2020 | Larmer Tree Studio

Can’t believe it… but then again I can, as it has really hurt for many weeks now.

I thought it would go of its own accord and for the past few weeks have been popping paracetamol, but to no avail. Finally phoned the Dr. yesterday and it transpires that at the beginning of May, I tore a cartilage in my knee!  I had no idea.  Am now on stronger painkillers and as the local hosp/surgery physio is not working due to the Covid pandemic, will be receiving physio via a video link, which will be a first for me and should be interesting.

I can see a lot of positives for local surgeries doing business this way in the future. Great for our environment and wildlife too…. and that can’t be bad.

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