Can’t believe it… but then again I can, as it has really hurt for many weeks now.

I thought it would go of its own accord and have been popping paracetamol but to no avail. Finally phoned the Dr. yesterday: a thirty minute wait to get through, but it was worth it as it transpires, at the beginning of May, I tore a cartilage in my knee!  I had no idea.  Am now on stronger painkillers and as the local hosp/surgery physio is not working due to the Covid pandemic, will be receiving physio via a video link, which will be a first for me and should be interesting.

June 16th, it is now 4 days since I contacted the surgery and I have already had my video call with the physio.  What excellent service, especially considering the situation across the UK.  I didn’t know how a video call with a physio would work or what to expect, but it  went well.  I now have a number of instructional videos to follow re: specific exercises and another video appt. booked for 3 weeks time. Because my knee locks.. and is swollen, it appears I may have torn my meniscus, but it still could be cartilage damage too. Only time will tell, but hopefully it will mend on its own.

The most interesting bit to me though, was the conversation I had with the physio re: how NHS appointments are going to work from here on in…even when C19 has hopefully disappeared.  The physio said, (as most of us know), C19 is not going to go away anytime soon and the way the NHS works will be very different: Apparently there are no plans for local surgeries to ever go back to how it was.

Operations and appointments in surgeries and hospitals will obviously still go ahead, but treating folk via video link, whenever and wherever possible is here to stay.  Am really glad I have a webcam that I used  to use for skyping.  Haven’t skyped for yonks but thankfully it still worked well.

I can see a lot of positives for local surgeries doing business this way in the future. Great for our environment and wildlife too…. and that can’t be bad

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