Joey Dozing

Dec 15, 2021 | Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

My photo is of Joey with a little white moustache having just finished his dinner, and preparing to have a snooze.

I thought perhaps that once Joey gained weight I would be able to release him on a milder night close to where he was found.  I also hoped that after a week he would be self-feeding, but no such luck. He is in good condition: eating and drinking well, but he is still not the correct weight for release at this time of year. Plus the temperature is now too low for release. 

Update: Nineteen days on and he is also still insisting on being hand-fed. Unfortunately, it looks as if we are in for the long haul with our little bat. He is a sweet little chappie, good-natured and basically just wants to snooze. This is understandable because it is what bats do at this time of year. So am still encouraging him to self-feed, but feeding by hand every day.

A photo of Joey going walkabout.

A bat’s wing is an extension of the skin of its body.  It is called a wing membrane and in this photo, Joey’s tail membrane can be clearly seen. From the ankle joint, the membrane extends between both his leg joints and incorporates the tail vertebrae in the centre.  When not extended the membrane gathers into wrinkly folds. What is a bat’s tail used for? Bats use their long or broad tail membrane as a pouch to scoop up an insect when in flight. The insect is then either eaten in flight or taken to a perch and eaten at leisure.


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