Iggy Barbastelle in the bat flight

Sep 28, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

Iggy having a rest in one of the bat boxes after flying in the bat flight.

Iggy’s weight has gradually increased since his arrival and I let him guide me as to when he’s had enough to eat. He is in a 38gallon: 42 x 42 x 76 cm flex. We started on five meals per day and are now down to two a day…. which I will continue with until his release.

He is eating ten waxworms a day, plus mealworms gut-loaded with RC milk powder, Nutrobal, dandelion leaves, spinach, apple, carrot, and taurine cat biscs.

He has refused point blank to self-feed, but is as ‘happy as Larry’ to be hand fed. He just sits contentedly, eats his fill, and then falls asleep in my hand. I weigh before and after each meal, and he is just so calm and chilled out, am amazed. He is absolutely lovely, but I do want him to get back out there. Am watching the long-term forecast like a hawk and it looks as though this weekend could be warmer.  I hopefully can get him to 9+g in weight by then.

Iggy in the bat flight.

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