Crazy a’noon.

Aug 30, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

Crazy afternoon – no work done.  Received a bat rescue call from a (well-known chain) camera shop, 45 mins away. I couldn’t collect and they wouldn’t deliver. All I kept hearing was: ‘I’ll just let it go tonight then’.

Trying to get the boss to understand the importance of bats, and how if a bat is found grounded it means there is a problem; was falling on deaf ears. Giving bat info. at every opp. and keeping as polite as poss. eventually paid off tho’. Late in the day, the shop owner finally conceded and a young staff member delivered the bat to me late a’noon. Phew! He asked if he could name the bat. 🙂

We now have in our care, Koumori, an exhausted and underweight BLE boy. He was found this a.m on the ground jammed between the iron grid security gate and the shop doors. As it was a Bank Holiday weekend we have no idea how long he’d been there. He didn’t even open his eyes whilst having his first sips of rehydrating fluids… and is still very sleepy, as in the photo, eyes tight shut, bless him. Apparently, Koumori is Japanese for bat.

Thoe photo is of Koumori on arrival… absolutely tense, dehydrated and eyes shut. A very unhappy and poorly bat.

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