Covid and bats

Sep 22, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

Wildlife spotting again in an almost empty hospital car park. Gull, magpie, squirrels, and jackdaw for company. Good to see a couple of nestboxes in the trees. Almost a clear run-through to get to the hospital due to ‘the funeral’, with hardly a car on the road.

On Monday, I accompanied my other half to the hospital as he had a procedure, which took a couple of hours.  Am pleased to say all went well.  Yesterday I developed a sore throat, and last night felt cold and fluey. This morning I felt yucky and was a little concerned as humans could give covid to bats; this would be an absolute disaster for our already dwindling bat populations.  Even though I was sure  I’d just picked up a nasty cold bug from the hospital – I felt duty bound to check.

Am pleased to say my rapid flow test came back clear, a huge sigh of relief….I feel lousy, but I’ve never been happier to have a cold!   As bats carers, we have a duty to take the greatest of care with our rescues and this involves wearing gloves at all times and masking up when handling: treating, and feeding them.  Update: Unfortunately, my better half also succumbed, so we’ve been a right pair this past week.  🙂

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