Country life and quiet life

Nov 20, 2020 | Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

Living in the countryside isn’t necessarily uneventful.

Early this a.m we stepped out into the park to walk the girls, and found a car upside-down on the single-lane road that runs thro’ the park..  Often, when walking the girls in the park we have to be aware as drivers will sometimes speed past. Signs state 20mph, but because the single lane drive is often quiet and clear, many think they’re at Brands Hatch. Sadly this is also why sheep, lambs, and wildlife often get clobbered;. Drivers may see them grazing but don’t realise the animal or bird is just as likely to suddenly stop grazing, and step out in front of them.  Anyway, thankfully no injured wildlife this time, just a tail-back of traffic whilst the vehicle was being removed.

Meanwhile, whilst watching this shenanigan, we bumped into someone we know and learned that Covid has finally shut the estate down….oooerrr!  We already knew of someone involved in a local Gamebird Shoot that had been affected (no sympathy there then)… but for it to be in the village ? hmmm… too close for comfort.

Then just as we’re meandering back discussing lockdown: gunfire booms, and explosive-like noises resounded loudly. Presumably, military exercises were in full-swing on Salisbury Plain ranges 20+ miles away. It immediately brought home how grim it must be having to live with that noise and fear on a daily basis when living in countries with factions that are continually fighting one another.

A country life, and a quiet life don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand lol!!

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