Bucket Bucksy

Jun 28, 2021 | Diary, Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

Bucksy, a brown long-eared bat was rescued earlier this year. The finder stepped into his garage and thankfully heard water splashing. The little bat, Bucksy, was in a bucket of water and drowning. The weather had been hot for many days and we think he was thirsty and had become trapped whilst attempting to take a drink from inside the bucket of water. This is not an unusual occurrence and is a reminder – Please do not leave any container: wheelbarrow, plant pot, water butt, watering can or bucket uncovered. Anything that can retain water is an instant death trap to an unsuspecting bird, reptile, or mammal.

On that note though, Bucksy was lucky and survived his near-death experience. He came to me in a sorry state, but, along with all my rescue bats…he was given warmth, food, and rest and when he was well enough, flown each night in our bat gym. Am pleased to say that Bucksy soon recovered, gained weight, and was successfully released. On release, he gave a quick display flight to the delight of his finder and then disappeared into the darkness.

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