Border Collie and Vultures

Sep 7, 2017 | Family, Fine Art Prints, Greetings Cards, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

An interesting day.

It started with a rescue. On my way to take photographs of an endangered bird species, I spotted a beautiful, black and white border collie wandering along a country lane with traffic headed both ways. With the help of two other folks, we managed to catch him. Thankfully, the collie also had a phone number attached to his collar and was safely returned to his owner.

I then spent the afternoon photographing some stunning vultures. While doing so, I also unintentionally received a free photography lesson, with the unrestricted use of a fantastic telephoto lens, from the same gentleman. The purpose of my visit: to portray a vulture from my photographs and donate my finished artwork to the ‘Artists for Conservation’ exhibition.

It was a lovely and successful day. And it was great to meet some lovely folk along the way.

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