BLE – Orchy flying strong.

Jun 12, 2021 | Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife


Sadly my last bat-flight rotted away a couple of years ago. Flying my rescues in this room, now called our ‘Bat Gym’… is not ideal, but it is far safer than just releasing our bats without test flying them first. Flying my bats in this room each night helps to build wing strength and test their echolocation ability.  At present, it is my only way of making sure they will be strong enough to safely fly free and feed themselves.

If you wish to help with my bat rescue conservation work and enjoy seeing bats flying free in the wild, please consider supporting our rescued bats. Bats are beautiful and enigmatic creatures and need all the help they can get.  All donations go to the bats I rescue and will hopefully help to build a new outdoor bat flight in the future.  If you would like to donate it would be much appreciated. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂  Su

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