Nov 28, 2020 | Diary, Family

This is so good. I think it is the smoothest introduction we’ve every had.  Understandably, on the first night, the girls didn’t know where to go at bedtime and needed a bit of help.  As darkness fell, we guided them into the chicken shed and they then slept tucked up together in a corner, on the floor.  The next night they slept in the nest box, and for the past two nights have actually chosen to the perch alongside Bluebell and Summer.  In fact, they are so at home – Poppy has even cheekily grabbed ‘pride of place’ tonight i.e the warmest spot…in between Summer and Bluebell!  Hilarious!  Also four days into being with us and they are now eating proper chicken food, rather than the flakes they’ve always been fed, and have discovered that they absolutely love corn. Bless their little cotton socks.

At home and scratching around

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