Berry Bat Rescue

Jan 10, 2022 | Diary, Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

Another bat is on its way.
Found grounded and rescued yesterday but unfortunately the finder was unable to track down help until today. The little Pip. bat was named Barry, but is actually a Berry. 🙂 She is underweight and was sadly cat attacked as she ventured out looking for food. Cats are one of the main reasons that Bat Carers are so busy with rescues. Whether mammal or bird it’s important to administer antibiotics to any victim of a cat attack.  Cat saliva contains a variety of bacteria that will slowly kill its victim.
Berry has been given rejuvenating fluid and anti-bios and fingers crossed we’re in good time to help her. She was a little reluctant to drink, but will feed her again shortly. Many thanks to the finder for rescuing and delivering her to me as she is now snoozing and warm.
Update: Berry is gaining weight but not self-feeding as yet. Am pleased to say she is looking much better after four days of tlc: her coat looks more glossy and last night she really perked up whilst feeding.  I need to ascertain if Berry can fly, and If she is to be released the weather needs to be much warmer.

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