Bat to vet and bat release

Sep 8, 2015 | Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

Took my most recent bat rescue to another carer in Poole last p.m so that she could be taken to a specialist vet early this a.m. The reason being is that I’m concerned about her broken tail and the injury to her humerus. The vet suspects she was cat-attacked but said that all being well she should recover.  Her tail injury is apparently old damage and her shoulder is badly bruised but not broken.  A huge relief and thank you both David and Sally. Am collecting my ‘little one’ tonight and she will be on painkillers and anti bios for another 7 days. Fingers crossed she will fly again and will be ready to be released before the cold weather kicks in.

Meanwhile, my other rescue bat was absolutely going for it in the bat flight last p.m. It was so good to see her flying so strongly. The weather warming up just a few degrees makes so much difference, and the detector was picking up loads of other bat activity above the garden. Heartwarming sounds.

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