Bat roosts

Jan 16, 2022 | Diary, Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

The place a bat lives is called its roost. Bats need different roosting conditions at different times of the year and they will often move around to find a roost that meets their needs. Some bats prefer hollow trees, some like caves and some use both at different times. Many bats shelter in buildings, behind hanging tiles and boarding or in roof spaces.

More about bat roosts here:…/bat-roosts/what-is-a-roost

Toodled off for a late afternoon walk with one of my furry buddies and was surprised and pleased to see a Pip. bat flying along the woodland edge. In the east, a beautiful full moon, and to the west, a lovely pink sunset. Suddenly a barn owl, so white…. flew above me and up into the moonlit sky✨Nature always helps: such beautiful sights… Sorry, I couldn’t fix you Furzy 🦇.

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