Photo of Brian working hard to salvage wood and mesh from my old bat flight and make it fit around my renovated pigeon loft/bat gym. Bless him. And my job….dismantling the mesh from the rotten wood.

Last year, amidst moving studio and Brian’s ops, I redecorated Brian’s old pigeon loft and we converted into a bat gym. Whiskered, BLE and Pips have all been test flown in my little bat gym – it is only a small area – but when they’ve progressed through from puppy playpen, to mesh tent, the bat gym has sufficed. Ideally we could do with more space for them, but as my old bat flight rotted away a few years ago, we have just muddled through… and very successfully, considering everything that has been going on.


Now that I have another BLE, and Brian is back on his feet, last night l got to thinking …much to his dismay! 🙂

And today… I’ve been removing rusty screws and tacks, and nailing bits of mesh to bits of wood whilst Brian has been salvaging old bits of wood to make new frames. The plan is to add on a small mesh area to the bat flight – utilising whatever we can from the old flight.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to leave a bat in there overnight, but at least it will give 2-3ft more space, and the bats will be able to experience outside temperatures whilst flying. I just hope they appreciate it. 🙂

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