Apr 1, 2022 | Diary, Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

A non-slip dish for tasty mealworm dinners, plus a hygrometer to monitor humidity inside each bat flexarium.

A heartwarming sight….an empty bat food bowl. This type of dish prevents would-be escapees and is also easy for bats to climb in and out of when feeding, Each bat pen is allocated a thermometer, hygrometer, heatmat and safety stat. It is extremely important for the health and well-being of each bat to monitor the temp. and humidity in each flexarium and pen.




Purchases: from Jan 2022
Mealworms (Jan) £7.33
Mealworms (Feb) £7.76
Mealworms (Feb) £5.93
Oralade (Feb) £5.85
Mealworms (March) £7.76
Feeding Dish + Tweezers £8.79
Mealworms (March 18th) £5.93
Mealworms (April 2nd) £5.00
VetArk Zol CalD (April 12th) Calcium +Vit. D £16.16
Mealworms (April 13th) £2.25
Mealworms (April 20th) £2.25
Flight Costs:
Floorboards £70.00
Wood frames £155.00
Timber £41.00
Plastic Mesh £32.00
Laths £37.00
Mealworms (May 4th) £5.93
To collect and release bats. Collect meds. etc. Unknown
Total £



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