Sep 9, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

A busy day that started with a rescue call from Sal. Hosp. Sadly the finder had been advised to put the bat in a box and release it tonight at 8 p.m. Whatever bat species, this is not good advice and it is sad to hear that people have either been advised to, or think this is what they should do. Fortunately, once in the box no one wanted to go near him, or understandably, stay on late at work to empty the box.  As it happens, in Feb. I had an appt. at Sal. Hosp. and I’m so glad I chatted about my rescue bats and bat work to the consultant as she thankfully remembered me, and rang. 🙂

My not-so-little bat, is an underweight youngster weighing 6g, he’s had electrolytes a little and often and will stay with me until he’s gained weight and shown he can fly well. He is such a beautiful little thing! I never want any bat to suffer, but I love the opportunity I have been given today to finally see a Barbastelle, alive, and close up like this. I can’t believe my luck. He is Adorable 💜 and thank you Sallly for the waxworms.

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