Badger Bundle

Nov 22, 2021 | Family, Larmer Tree Studio, Wildlife

Courtesy of Silvavir Wildlife Ecologists.

Am sat in my studio and have just heard a right racket going on outside. Had no idea what it was and held my breath as I opened the door. The sounds coming from the undergrowth were so close and it was definitely a fight. They were tumbling, thumping, squabbling, and squealing as they scrabbled around in the darkness. Sadly I couldn’t see a thing, and thankfully they were so engrossed they were unaware of my presence. Then with a few squeaks, presumably from the loser, the fighting stopped, followed by rustling, scuffling sounds as they both parted. Wow, exciting stuff! ? I presumed it must be badgers… and have just found this. ?This is what I could hear so loud and clear.

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