Due to the pandemic, along with many artisans I have found myself without ‘visitor-hands-on’ Gallery facilities.  For this reason, I decided the more online retailer platforms I can connect with, the better.

There is a consensus that artisan and luxury brands are best served by avoiding Amazon, and admit that am also concerned re: the manner in which they treat staff.  Encouraged by a fellow artist though, I decided to take the plunge.   I applied in January and the process is surprisingly intensive and rigorous.  At the end of the day, this is good, as it will deter unscrupulous folk……and am pleased to say that a month ago, with the legalities, paperwork completed – my ‘Susan Shimeld ~ Nature In Fine Art’ gallery/page is now up and running. My Wildlife Fine Art Prints are now available from the ‘Handmade at Amazon’ platform.

If you purchase from my Amazon Handmade site: I am notified of your order and I post my artwork, fine art prints, greetings cards etc from my Studio, just as I would from my Nature In Fine Art website.  Should you feel happier purchasing from a well-known brand/company:  Amazon deal with all the finances involved. They do not store or dispatch my artwork.   If you visit Amazon, please remember HANDMADE and feel free to have a look and/or recommend my page, next time you are there.

At this point, I feel duty bound to mention that my artwork products are more expensive if purchased using Amazon or Etsy,   All artists and craftmakers incur fees for the privilege of using these various market platforms…….hence I can guarantee that my ‘Nature In Fine Art’ website prices are much lower.  Whichever platform you use and prefer though, please be assured my aim as always is to provide you with good quality service.

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