I wasn’t sure how things were going to pan out with my very lucky ‘almost drowned’ bat.  She’d started to accept food which was great, but she was quiet and inactive… which was of concern. I needed to get her into a larger pen, but as my small mosquito tent (that could be erected indoors and out), had sadly collapsed, I’d recently purchased a two man mosquito net tent, but didn’t feel it was worth the effort of putting this up in the garden, especially as she wasn’t even moving around in her faunarium.   After each feed she just remained curled up in the corner and didn’t budge. It was almost as though she was still in shock from her watery nightmare.  I knew that I needed something smaller in which to exercise her – something in which I could closely monitor her movements.

Thankfully, a fellow bat carer had recommended a ‘Puppy Playpen’, so I  purchased this along with the larger mesh  tent.  The playpen was just the job. It pops up easily and is small enough to use indoors or outside.  On one of the warmer evenings later in the week I placed her in it, outside. Slowly but surely the night air woke something in her and my poor little shocked and rigid bat flew. 🙂 It is only a small area, but it was a joy to see.  The next step, ideally would have been to fly her in an outside bat flight, this is where she could manoeuvre properly, catch insects and build up strength. Sadly, my old outdoor bat flight rotted away a couple of years ago, so, the best I can do is to fly my bats in one or our rooms. We did this for two nights and once she got going there was no stopping her. 🙂  It was amazing the transformation.  Last night, with the weather looking good, my little lucky bat was finally released in the garden belonging to the property in which she was found. Fly safe my ‘little one’.

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