Ukraine & Toad Patrol

Mar 1, 2022 | Diary, Family

Two moving speeches brought me to a grinding halt this a.m. The Ukrainian journalist to B.Johnson after his usual waffle….she well and truly called him out …..and the Ukrainian President Zelinsky held his head high at the European Parliament. He is proving his strength-staying strong, but we all know he desperately needs far more from the EU.

Raining cats and dogs and temp. a mild 7C so did a rather soggy Toad Patrol. Rescued 7 on the track but sadly 3 already dead on the road. Brian doesn’t do the walk but parks up. As it’s a distance between the two ponds he then slowly follows in the car – I’ve never requested he do this. As there was no further activity we were soon back home. My fella’ is a treasure for venturing out on these windy wet nights.

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