Sleepy Cup Of Tea

May 7, 2020 | Family, Wildlife

Just made a cup of tea and my thoughts were initially about my missing bone china mugs.  Whilst sleepily gazing out the kitchen window across the front garden I suddenly spotted two greenfinches plucking the seed heads from the little flowers growing in the shorter grass. Lovely that we have a pair living here after that awful disease killed so many a few years ago.  I was then delighted to see a couple of dunnocks, a blackbird dad feeding his fledglings, a nuthatch, blackcap, blue tits and pied wagtails. The garden was a hive of activity!  The pied wags were busy collecting food for their youngsters tucked away in the nest close to our bathroom window.  The nest is so well-hidden in the Wisteria that you cannot see it, but the chicks must be quite big now as when we step outside we can hear them chirping away.  A lovely start to a peaceful sunny morning.

Unfortunately, due to Coronavirus my new selection of Bone China Fine Art mugs order has come to a grinding halt.   As soon as I have more mugs in stock I will let you know, but in the meantime thank you for your enquiries.

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