Reg. Toad Patrol

Mar 2, 2020 | Diary, Wildlife

For years I have been rescuing frogs and toads in the dark: checking the village road, our driveway and local ponds, often in the rain and drizzle, and carrying them to the safety in order to stop them being run over.

Amphibian activity in the village seems to be less each year and sadly tonight there were 3 more dead on the Tollard road.  In just one night, at the height of the breeding season, there may be as many as 20-30 dead or injured frog/toad casualties on this one road.  Amphibians have been using these routes across the UK countryside for centuries and are still trying to do so, but their routes are no longer old muddy tracks or tracks across fields; as we have tarmacked and concreted over most of them. The toads and frogs don’t know any different, hence their numbers are declining at an alarming rate.

The good news is…. that I am now apparently a Registered ‘Toad Patrol Site’ with Froglife. Yay!  This means I will be insured when rescuing, and each year I will be collating and sharing my data with Froglife.  Hopefully this will help protect our Tollard Royal frog and toad populations in years to come.

When you see Toad Patrol signs or indications of frog activity, please drive carefully, as our amphibians really do need our help.  If you too would like to help our amphibian friends, there are many groups across the UK that would love to see and hear from you.

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