Feb 15, 2023 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

Robin peering down from guttering above the back door

Queenie looking at me as if to say: ’Please, just get on with it!’

Each morning as I step out the back door I hear the fluttering of little wings as she flies in to sit on the gutter above me.. it’s either that, or she sits on the window ledge announcing her presence as she looks in through the kitchen window. 😄  It is a joy to see that she is still with us and has chosen to keep us company throughout the winter months.

Throughout November/December there have been three robins constantly chasing one another around the garden. The fact that Queenie is feeding from my studio patio again.. and if she is a he…am presuming he won the battle of wills regarding territory. Then again, as she now seems to be unphased by the robin singing from the treetops above the studio – I’m wondering if they are a pair; especially as she popped into the summerhouse last week with a thin blade of dried grass in her beak. Is she now nest-building?  I’ve recently learned that it is difficult to differentiate twixt males and females, which I find reassuring.

21.2.23 I will post a video soon.


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