Old Webs

Jun 25, 2021 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

The spider that made this web moved out long ago….

Iff you get a minute please grab a stick, cloth, or piece of kitchen roll and just wipe around the outside of your window and door frames.

Last year I found a beautiful butterfly trapped in the remains of an old web that a spider had vacated. The web was no longer in use – the butterfly death was pointless.

I’ve been meaning to brush around the outside window frames for ages and this a.m, thankfully, spotted this lovely little cinnabar moth on the outside of the studio window: the moth was caught and slowly baking in the sun. I gently removed the web from his legs and he flew free. In doing so, I also found the remains of a rare Carder bee… that sadly hadn’t so lucky. 🙁 I realise it could be just me that’s a mucky cat lol!! but thought I’d mention it just in case.  It didn’t take me 2 mins to clear the scraggy remains of webs from  our remaining windows and door frames outside. 😉

Cinnabar moth – trapped

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