Sadly no phone to hand or camera, stepped outside to see five baby nuthatches on our feeder, all sat in a row waiting to be fed by their parents. Brilliant sighting.

The reason no phone, is that my old Apple gave up the ghost toward the end of May and I’ve since been phoneless.  Am reluctant to buy a new phone because of the damage caused to the environment with each new phone produced, and I really do not wish to be contributing to Modern Day Slavery and Child Labour issues.  Children working in mines to keep our mobiles working; children harvesting palm fruits for the palm oil industry in order that we can buy cheap processed foods. Child and slave labour rife in our cheap clothing industry.  Wherever possible, please support and buy Fairtrade. Secure better trade terms for farmers & workers and help to stop child slavery.

So with this in mind I returned my phone to Apple in order for it to be repaired, but found myself being given the runaround.  Hopefully all’s well that ends well  – as today I am pleased to say my phone has been returned and apparently it has been fixed free of charge.  Wow!!  Thank you Apple and fingers crossed it works.  Just need to get my knee sorted now, as my other bit of good news is that the men have finished painting the outside of  Larmer Tree Lodge and the scaffolding has been removed. Once my knee is mended I can get back to my lovely Larmer Tree Studio and start  creating again. Onwards and upwards.

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