Apr 30, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

We’ve been discussing a much-needed bat flight and am now feeling a bit like this..YIKES… lol! Brian has been researching the least expensive materials and doing the sums: £400-£500 for a 12 x 8ft flight, or £330 for a 10 x 6ft. Yikes again!

Thankfully we have mesh remaining from when we extended our very first bat flight, but sadly we have now gone way over budget…. and all bits are absolutely necessary.  Brian has completed two frames and the laths have also arrived today.


Flight Costs, to date: May 4th
Floorboards – 3 sheets of Plywood £70.00
Wood frames £155.00
Timber £41.00
Plastic Mesh – 1x10mtr roll (needed 20mtr roll but thankfully we had mesh from our old flight. £32.34
Laths (Larch bundles) £54.00
Nuts, bolts, roof bolts £24.00
May 13th … and then there was more
Polycarbonate corrugated roof  – 2  sheets £34.00
Water-based paint £18.00
Total  £428.34



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