Mayhem Part. 1.

Mar 22, 2022 | Diary, Family

It’s been an emotional roller-coaster of a week, with sadly no artwork.  The week initially started well. Monday was a lovely sunny, tranquil day and I had started work in my little studio when all hell let loose.

The chickens started calling out in distress and I shot out outside to see a small dog attacking Goldie. She had been rummaging along the fenceline and was now pinned against our mesh fence and being pulled to bits. It was horrendous – feathers flying everywhere.

I ran to her rescue shouting loudly as I went, and at the same time, the dogs owner appeared. He had no control over his small black cocker spaniel as it continued to maul Goldie. Meanwhile, Goldie, our chook, just lay motionless, eyes shut, her back and underwings were bald and she was bleeding.

I was so angry, and distressed to see her in that state, and whilst trying to figure out what to do next the dog owner apologised and seemed genuinely concerned, he said he would pay for her treatment, took my phone number, and I got to the vets as quickly as possible.

It was decided that Goldie could be saved, but she might still die from shock. She had an anaesthetic, multiple stitches to multiple bite wounds across her thorax and abdomen and 3 hours later I finally returned home. It was a late night, as I then had to settle her in safely, feed my rescue bats and dog, have dinner, and complete the work that I’d been doing 5-6 hrs earlier.  Toad Patrol was a definite no-no for that night.  Sorry toadies!

I am pleased to say that Goldie is still with us today, and is now on anti bios and pain relievers. She can’t stand up and is in the same position in the nest box as I placed her that first night. The photo is of her being hand-fed moist porridge which seemed to go down well. There are wounds under both wings across her back and she is now quite bald. She is also extremely thirsty, so I’ve been nipping out to give her food and drink every two hours.  Fingers crossed that our Goldie chook recovers.

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